Animal Books

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Alex and Me: How a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of animal intelligence—and formed a deep bond in the process.   Irene M. Pepperberg.
This story of Alex, a famous African Grey parrot, documents his thirty-year relationship with his trainer and the ways in which his life has changed scientific understanding about language, thought, and intelligence. 636.6865 Pepperberg 

Animals in translation: Using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior.   Temple Grandin.
An animal scientist draws on her experience as an autistic to identify commonalities between animals and autistics, offering insight into how animals process sensory information and how they often possess unrecognized savant-level talents. 591.5 Grandin 

Be the pack leader: Use Cesar’s way to transform your dog, and your life.   Cesar Millan.
A dog behavior expert demonstrates the skills one needs to become the family pack leader to help a dog live a balanced, fulfilled life, bringing together practical tips and techniques with real-life success stories. 636.7088 Millan 

The Compleat cockroach: A comprehensive guide to the most despised (and least understood) creature on Earth.   David George Gordon.
595.722 Gordon 

Dewey, the small town library cat who touched the world.   Vickie Myron.
The life story of Dewey the library cat, while still a kitten Dewey was stuffed into the book drop of a public library in Spenser, Iowa. Adopted by the library’s staff, Dewey became the library’s mascot and a town favorite. 636.8092 Myron 

Dog lover’s companion to the S.F. Bay Area.   Maria Goodavage.
A guide to dog-friendly destinations throughout the Bay Area, with information on dog regulations & laws for the areas featured. 917.9460 Goodavage 

Fantastic cats: A feast of famed and fabled felines.   Desmond Morris.
Cats in mythology and history. 636.8 Morris 

Homer’s odyssey: A fearless feline tale, or how I learned about love and life with a blind wonder cat.   Gwen Cooper.
A pet rescue volunteer and literacy outreach coordinator describes her relationship with a three pound blind cat with a daredevil character and affectionate personality. 636.8082 Cooper 

Making rounds with Oscar: The extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat.   David Doas.
A physician at a nursing & rehabilitation center in Rhoda Island reports on the uncanny ability of the facility’s resident cat, Oscar, to instinctively know when a patient’s death is near. 362.175 Doas 

Marley & me: Life and love with the world’s worst dog.   John Grogan.
Follows the life story of an exuberant Labrador retriever who gets into perpetual trouble and experiences a range of inspiring adventures, driving his loyal and loving owners to distraction. 636.7527 Grogan 

Never cry wolf.   Farley Mowat.
Classic story of one naturalist’s study of Alaskan wolves, which disproved many of the centuries-old stereotypes held about these wild animals. 599.773 Mowat.

A Primate’s memoir: A neuroscientist’s Unconventional life among the baboons.   Robert M. Sapolsky.
A scientist’s interesting memoir of his two decades in the field studying members of a Kenyan baboon troop, and his insightful descriptions of their behaviors and personalities. 599.8651 Sapolsky. 

Seabiscuit: An American legend.   Laura Hillenbrand.
The author retraces the journey of Seabiscuit, a horse with crooked legs and a pathetic tail that made racing history in 1938, thanks to the efforts of a trainer, owner, and jockey who transformed a bottom-level racehorse into a legend. 798.4 Hil 

Senior cats.   Sheila Webster Boneham.
Information on the specific health care and nutritional needs of your aging cat. 636.8088 Boneham. 

Superorganism: The beauty, elegance and strangeness of insect societies. Bert Holldobler & Edward O.Wilson.
Close up look at the intricacies and behaviors of insect colonies. 595.7178 Holldobler 

The Tribe of tiger: Cats and their culture.   Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.
An anecdotal look at cat behavior and feline interactions with people. 599.75 Thomas 

Winterdance: The fine madness of running the Iditarod.   Gary Paulsen.
Fascinating account of children’s author Gary Paulsen’s relationship with his pack of sled dogs as they train for and run in the annual 1161 mile Alaskan Iditarod race. B Paulsen, Gary 

Woof! Writers on dogs.
A compilation of anecdotes by well-known authors about the dogs in their lives. 636.7 Woof

Animal farm.   George Orwell.
Classic symbolic novel of political strife, set in a barn yard. FIC Orwell 

The art of racing in the rain.   Garth Stein.
Nearing the end of his life, Enzo, a dog with a philosopher's soul, tries to bring together the family, pulled apart by a three year custody battle between daughter Zoe's maternal grandparents and her father Denny, a race car driver. FIC Stein 

The family tree.   Sherri S. Tepper.
Peculiar but charming tale set in an alternate world where human and animal roles are not always what they seem. SCI FIC Tepper, S 

Horse heaven.   Jane Smiley.
A novel about the world of horse racing in which the characters, both human and equine, make for an interesting and satisfying read. FIC Smiley 

Watership down.   Richard Adams.
Surprisingly engaging novel about the trials and tribulations of a group of rabbits searching for a safe and permanent home. FIC Adams