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The East Bay Contra Costa STEM Games


Our department offers supplemental engagement and educational opportunities to increase West Contra Costa, specifically Richmond students educational aptitude and interest in STEM education. Programs are developed to increase their Math and Science literacy, as well as their problem solving and teamwork skills . Our goal is to expand STEM curriculum beyond the classroom through the utilization of our recreation centers as the Hubs for the developing STEM-literate workforce in the Bay Area.



is a collaborative program established to immerse STEM education during out-of-school-time for City of Richmond elementary and middle school youth. Our program provides quality educational enrichment focused on Math and Science literacy. Our STEM Hubs, aka recreation centers provide transformative STEM programming and workshops during the summer, afterschool, and on select weekends. 

CAMP ACHIEVE (Summer 2017)

Camp Achieve is a summer STEM enrichment program. In 2014, the City of Richmond partnered with the Ed Fund to pilot a new model for City summer camps across Shields Reid and Nevin Community Centers.  Through the Ed Fund's "Richmond Summer Pilot Program," kids are engaged in best practices in academic instruction, youth development programs, literacy intervention, and violence prevention. Richmond kids are able to participate in project based learning linked to enriching field trips like the San Francisco Zoo, Miller/Knox park, and the Plunge.  STEM push-in-providers provide additional educational enrichment to Camp Achieve participants during our summer programming at the Shields Reid, Nevin, Booker T, and Parchester Community Centers. In 2016, Lego Robotics was added to the program. We plan to expand access in 2017 to participants in both Camp Achieve and Camp Aspire, occurring in 6 of the departments recreation centers.  


East Bay Contra Costa STEM Games (EBCCSG) -- Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Richmond Memorial Auditorium

The STEM Games is a special event produced by City of Richmond’s Community Services Department.  STEM Games is a competitive team event that requires knowledge of Science and Math topics and Technological and Engineering skills. The competition, similar to a typical athletic event, captures the commitment, enthusiasm, and interest for STEM.

STEM Games participants prepare and practice for specific events for months in advance in preparation for the competition. The competition will include 18 events total for Middle (6-8) and High School (9-12) participants, as well as 10 events for Elementary (3-5) participants.

Who participates in East Bay Contra Costa STEM Games?
Approximately 300+ students, community organizations, school faculty, family members, and friends, will participate in the East Bay Contra Costa STEM Games. East Bay Contra Costa Elementary-High School students from Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and San Leandro schools, community groups, and organizations will participate. Teachers, parents, organization leaders and adult mentors may participate as coaches. EBCC STEM games gives recognition to the outstanding achievement and diligence of students from East Bay/Contra Costa urban communities

Community supporters and/or organizations supporting out efforts include: ED Fund, WCCUSD, Gen X Eco Solutions, CRS--Community Resources for Science/UC Berkeley, the Familyhood Connection, NBA Math Hoops, Bay Area Transportation Services (BATS), LEGO Robotics, and G.E.M.S..

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Contact Information

Kymberlyn Carson-Thrower
City of Richmond - Community Services Department

Kinchasa Taylor
Gen X Eco Solutions- STEM Director