Language Access


In order to ensure progress on improving language access, community engagement efforts, and interpretation and translation services in the City of Richmond, City staff members are moving forward with the following recommended next steps. 

Recommended Next Steps

Recommended next steps include the following: 

  • Explore potential funding sources for increased interpretation and translation activities in the City of Richmond
  • Collaborate with the Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) team and community partners on the development of the draft Community Engagement Toolkit
  • Work with City departments to establish and maintain recorded telephonic messages in English, Spanish, and additional languages spoken by point of contact staff 
  • Work with City departments to post readily-visible notices in the public areas of their facilities indicating point of contact staff speaking Spanish and additional languages
  • Share best practices and up-to-date information with City staff members on interpretation and translation services currently available to them
  • Work with the Human Resources Management Department to explore opportunities to attract bilingual applicants for point of contact positions 

For further information please contact David Padilla at (510) 620-6523 or