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KCOR Radio 790AM
the City of Richmond's Emergency Alert and Information Radio Station


KCRT Produced Shows
City Agendas
City Council Meetings
Planning Commission

Regular Series
California's Gold
City Cinema
Crossroads Cafe
EC's Jook Joint
The Green Screen
Kaiser Medical Series
Historical Leaders...
In The Fight
Madison Heights
NASA Connect
NASA Destination...
NASA SciFiles
NASA 360
On Common Ground
Sidewalks Entertainment
Sidewalks: Video Nite
Vida Sana
Vintage Vehicle Show
WCCUSD Meeting

ArtsChange: Long Odds
ArtsChange: Carlitos
Art Scholarships
Birth of Victory
Black Americans
Centennial Celebration
CCA Community Mtg
Chevron Renewal Project
Earth Cafe
Economic Summit 2011
Environmental Initiatives
Fire Swearing-In/Badge
From The Land...
Get Ready, Get Healthy
Historic Preservation
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Loma Prieta Revisited
Los Cenzontles Specials
Luis Rodriguez
Make The Call
Mature Musician
North Richmond Story 2
North Richmond Story 3
The Plunge
Richmond Pipeline
Public Safety Awards
P. Safety Realignment
Richmond PD 100 Years
Rosie the Riveter

Senior Info Journal
Sikhs in America
Soft Story Building
Team Richmond
Untold Stories: Rosie
Wheels on the Bus
Who I Am

Youth Police Academy

On-Line Exclusives

Chevron Town Hall Mtg. 

2011 Mayor/City Council
Swearing-In Ceremony

Black History Forum '07
Civic Ctr. Ceremony
2010 Economic Summit
Historical Programs
General Plan Meetings
National Night Out 2007
Police/Fire Awards
President Inauguration

Richmond Circular Bus
NEW! Free Shuttle Bus Service for the Community, Residents and Commuters!
Connection to Richmond BART, Civic Center, Marina Bay & more!
For schedule and information,


KCRT Menu of Services
Menu of Services

(All services subject to change. Contact Us for Rates.
KCRT's coverage area is described below. )



Air Play

Datanet Electronic Bulletin Board: wide variety of fonts, graphics, photos and some animation, cycling in a 30-minute loop. Datanet files are less than five screens.
Before and after each half-hour and hour program on the regular schedule. Also, every day from 12 noon to 1pm, from 3 to 5 am.
NewsBytes Segment 3 -5 min. KCRT news video
One week only: 21 times
Documentation KCRT furnishes all equipment, tape and staff support.
Not for air play; Hourly rate of $55 (two hour minimum)
Promotional Sponsorship 30 sec. to 1-min. commercial type video: See rates: subject to schedule
17 times in a two week slot and as contracted by commercial clients
Live Events, Talk shows, Meetings Available only from KCRT's production studio or the Richmond Convention Center  Call-in, fax, e-mail input available upon request. Call for commercial and government rates.
Subject to scheduling: air play charge to non-city departments
Sports (recorded) High school or college sports video taped with a remote production van. Charges based on labor, material, supplies, travel & equipment (5 hr. min)
Subject to scheduling: air play charge
Specialty & Training Programs
Scripted, shot, edited and archived by KCRT staff. Charges based on labor, materials and equipment.
Specialty programs may air subject to review. No air play for training videos.


KCRT Television
2544 Barrett Avenue Richmond, CA 94804

Main: 510-620-6759
Fax: 510-620-6713


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KCRT submits a schedule to TV Guide and other TV listings several weeks ahead. Due to last minute changes, programming may vary.  View KCRT’s up-to-date schedule on Channel 28 or KCRT.com

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