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On Common Ground on KCRT

Dramatic Series
that spotlights Civics and Citizenship Education

Scene from On Common GroundProduced with support from the states of California, Florida and New York, and the United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, On Common Ground helps viewers fully understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with citizenship.

Designed also to be used in the classrooms, the individual lessons focus on such crucial issues as racial polarization, extremism and freedom of speech, individual rights versus the public good, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

Scene from On Common Ground

Synopses of On Common Ground  Episodes:

Domino Effect
 City Hall comes under siege when an unemployed worker blames the government for his legal and financial difficulties, and takes revenge. Theme: Why government is necessary; the purpose it serves.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby
Law enforcement personnel and other city officials attempt to infiltrate a telemarketing boiler room scam that preys on elderly immigrants. Theme: The U.S. Constitution as the basis for the rule of law.

For the Greater Good
 The city is polarized when a proposed highway project threatens homes in the Latino section of the city. Theme: Individual rights versus the public or common good.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
 When compliance with federal law threatens the city with financial disaster, the city comes into direct conflict with the disabled community and the judicial branch of the federal government. Theme: Separation of powers among the three branches of government; checks and balances.

Collision Course – Part I
 When an avowed anti-immigrant extremist plans to speak at a rally, the city must grapple with some difficult freedom-of-speech issues. Theme: Freedom of expression and immigration.

Collision Course - Part II
 A law firm headed by two immigrants is divided over prospects of representing someone who espouses extreme anti-immigrant sentiments. Theme: Freedom of speech; equal protection under the law.

A Delicate Balance
 An investigative reporter gains information that could lead to the conviction of an accused rapist, but only if the reporter is willing to divulge the source of her information. Theme: Freedom of the press.

Rules of the Game
Following the drug-related death of a high school student, local law enforcement officials take questionable measures to bring
those responsible to justice. Theme: Due process of law and limited government.

Sticks and Stones – Part I
An immigrant businessman who has been physically assaulted by a member of an influential family seeks justice from the legal system. Theme: Right to privacy and criminal due process.

Sticks and Stones – Part II
 When a young man from a wealthy family goes on trial for assault, the truth emerges from an unlikely source. Theme: The judicial system.

A House Divided
 The race for a City Council seat causes deep divisions, especially among black residents of the district. Theme: Popular sovereignty; the right to vote, hold office and participate in the political process.

Fall from Grace – Part I
Flagrant abuses in an inner city apartment building lead to charges of corruption in City Hall. Theme: Limited government and consent of the governed.

Fall from Grace – Part II
As facts about the deplorable conditions in an inner city apartment become public, citizens organize in opposition to the city council member who owns the property. Theme: The contract of trust between elected officials and voters.

Skin Deep
Community tensions run high when an immigrant’s controversial small business ignites the anger of neighboring business owners. Theme: Economic rights.

Hidden Agenda
While the city is embroiled in a civil rights controversy involving city hall maintenance workers, a TV news anchor fights a civil rights battle of her own. Theme: Diversity, civil liberties and equal rights.


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