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Richmond Public Safety Awards
Presented by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, KCRT airs coverage of the annual Richmond Public Safety Awards, which honors individuals in the Richmond Police and Fire Departments.

The main highlights are the awards to the Richmond Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year.

For years, the ceremony was known as "The Police and Fire Awards."



Viewing Schedule on KCRT

NEW! 2012 Public Safety Awards
honoring Byron Berhel (Firefighter of the Year) and Benjamin Therriault (Police Officer of the Year)
 (April 13 ,2012)

2011 Public Safety Awards
honoring Germain Gomez (Firefighter of the Year) and Robert Gray (Police Officer of the Year)
(May 13, 2011)

2010 Public Safety Awards honoring Richmond Police Officer of the Year Joe Anderson and Richmond Firefighter of the Year Linsy Mayo
 (May 7, 2010)

2009 Public Safety Awards honoring Firefighter Aaron Osorio and Police Officer
Anthony Mikell
(May 15, 2009)

2008 Public Safety Awards honoring Police Officer Avon Dobie and Firefighter Marc Lucero
(April 18, 2008)

2007 Police and Fire Awards honoring Police Officer Aaron Mandell and Firefighter Rico Rincon
(May 18, 2007)


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